Bill Nye Saves the World by Censoring Bill Nye

Up until just a few months ago, possibly a couple of years ago, the dominate argument for homosexual behavior was, “I was born this way.” It was an assertion that had the pretense of being backed up by science. Never mind the science was dubious at best, it had the support of secular cultural elites and the media. It also had the support of our current popularizer of pop-science, Bill Nye the “Science Guy.”

At least, that is, until his latest show, “Bill Nye Saves the World,” hit Netflix and his “science” had to keep up with the latest cultural wave created by secular progressivism and the transgender movement. Nye’s latest show has so far featured a shockingly awful song aimed at children about their “sex junk” in which they are told there are no binary choices and they can have sex with whomever and however. This current view on human gender and sexuality is so completely unhinged from anything that would root it in stability (like, for instance, genetics) that Netflix had to remove a former show of his in which he presents the “science” behind homosexuals being “born this way.” (Freebeacon, The Federalist)

The contradiction is so clear that even the producers at Netflix saw it. At one point the argument was that sexuality was determined by genetics and it was wrong to tell someone that homosexual behavior was wrong because they “couldn’t help it.” Now both gender and sexuality are so fluid that nothing determines anything except the way the individual feels at any given moment. One day it was settled and unchangeable science, the next day it was as fluid feelings. This radical 180-degree shift in the argument is not just a change in a point of view, it is an open contradiction. Yet the pro LGBTQ+ crowd uses it without even the slightest sense of irony.

The flat, public contradiction is quite revealing. The sexual revolution was never about science, despite its vociferous protestations and anti-science inquisitions. It has always been and will forever be about hedonism, sexual libertinism, individual and unfettered autonomy. Any so-called argument will do as long as it frightens enough people into compliance. It was never about the argument; it was always about sexual immorality.

These kinds of cultural forces should help the Church understand exactly how important it is for it to know its doctrine, learn how to apply and articulate it, and have the courage to stand by it. The way God designed human sexuality is the way in which individuals and families, men and women, children, and communities flourish. Many denominations and individual churches will continue to capitulate and fall through the cracks of history, becoming useless to their fellow human beings trying to keep up with the latest fads. The faithful and fearless Church that endures will be there to pick up the pieces for the refugees fleeing from the rubble of the sexual revolution.


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