Politics and Fundamentalism

Recently, Tim Farron resigned his position as leader of the Liberal Democrat party in the U.K.  His reasoning had to do with how hard it became for him to live in the spotlight as both the leader of a liberal political party and be a committed Evangelical Christian. In his resignation speech he says in... Continue Reading →

Hot House Flowers Destroy Rose Parade

An interesting but predictable thing happened on our way to a utopia unchained from absolute truth – we created a generation of tyrannical absolutists. "Portland rose parade canceled after ‘antifascists’ threaten GOP marchers" In what feels like a lifetime ago, I did my graduate work on Postmodernism, specifically the leading American postmodernist, Richard Rorty. He... Continue Reading →

North Eastern Atheism

Gallup recently updated a regular poll they do on how religious each state in America is. Their most recent ranking places Vermont as the least religious, unseating New Hampshire from its recent place atop those rankings. Combining this poll and other larger surveys showing the secularization of America in general and the North East specifically,... Continue Reading →

The Rarefied Air of the Long-Term Pastor

    As part of my role in my denomination (they would call it a Cooperative Fellowship), I have the opportunity to interview potential candidates for Ordination into the ministry. More often than not this is a wonderful opportunity to get to know our new ministers, investigate their call and ministry, and speak some wisdom... Continue Reading →

Where Will The Progressive Christian Turn?

Late last night it became official: Donald Trump is President Elect. This has to have been one of the most frustrating and emotional Presidential election cycles in a very long time. Neither major party had a candidate they could wholeheartedly endorse (except for the hard-core among us), and the issues at stake could not have... Continue Reading →

Embarrassing Christian Philosophers

There is an outside chance you have heard about the recent controversy surrounding a recent meeting of the Society of Christian Philosophers (SCP), Richard Swinburne, and some of his remarks regarding homosexuality. If you have not, here are several links to the story, commentary on the story, and a brief synopsis. (The Stream, Rightly Considered,... Continue Reading →

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