Our Complete Sexualization

#trending -All people of all ages have been sexualized by Western culture. Those in cahoots with the “sexual revolution” will disagree, but I would argue they don’t yet understand the consequences of their sexual ethic. There is no logical stopping point to the current sexual ethic. There is no taboo that is off-limits. The only... Continue Reading →

Compelled Sex Ed

The Colorado State Legislature yesterday voted to pass on HB19-1032, titled, “Comprehensive Human Sexuality Education”. The summary of the bill, from the State website, begins,   “The bill clarifies content requirements for public schools that offer comprehensive human sexuality education and prohibits instruction from explicitly or implicitly teaching or endorsing religious ideology or sectarian tenets... Continue Reading →

Bert and Ernie are Friends

Like a lot of people my age, I spent a lot of time watching Sesame Street growing up. This was back when Mr. Hooper was still tending the store and long before Elmo showed up. Two of the best characters, at least for me, were Bert and Ernie. They were carefree and careful, silly and... Continue Reading →

God and the Transgender Debate

Andrew T. Walker. God and the Transgender Debate: What Does the Bible Actually Say About Gender Identity? (The Good Book Company, Denmark. 2017) 174 ppg.     The cultural issues swirling around the American and Western church require Christians and church leaders to have a new level of theological perception. If we believe our faith... Continue Reading →

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