Every Cell, Every Day. Psalm 139

I think the trajectory of our lives could radically change if we learned the lessons of Psalm 139. Among other things in this beautiful Psalm, we learn that God is sovereign over every one of our days, and over our very creation. God is attentive over “when I sit down and when I rise up.” But he does not just watch from a distance. He also knows my “thoughts” and every word that is on my tongue even before I speak it. God, our good and sovereign God, intimately oversees your life. You cannot hide from him, and the things that happen to you in life cannot cloud his vision of you.

He even forms “my inward parts” and knows my “substance.” I am not just a random assemblage of cells and molecules. I am intentionally formed, body and soul, by the same Creator who spun the galaxies into existence and put whales in the oceans and glow worms in the earth.

As if that were not enough, he has a book in which every day of my life is already written down. That could be unsettling, but for the person who has learned how powerful, good, and great God is, it is a comfort like almost no other truth.

If no human, disease, accident, or spiritual foe can take one day away from my life that is not already ordained by my God, why am I afraid? Fear of death disappears in light of the sovereign goodness of our God. God knew me before I was born, he knows the days of my life and the hairs on my head every day I am alive, and I will finally know him in a full and glorious way when I see him face to face.

Is there a greater comfort?

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