Every Cell, Every Day. Psalm 139

I think the trajectory of our lives could radically change if we learned the lessons of Psalm 139. Among other things in this beautiful Psalm, we learn that God is sovereign over every one of our days, and over our very creation. God is attentive over “when I sit down and when I rise up.”... Continue Reading →

Crisis and Renewal

When our church went through our series on Renewal, one of the principles we spent time on was: Our reaction to crisis will determine whether we find Renewal. Often, genuine spiritual renewal is the result of some kind of crisis. Sometimes is it large-scale cultural upheaval, sometimes it is a radical change of regional circumstances,... Continue Reading →

Psalm 22 and Fear of the Virus

During the COVID-19 pandemic I have been brought back to some of David’s Psalms, specifically his laments. During our church’s mid-week Bible study, we have been going through David’s life, sometimes with a fine-toothed comb, and I have been left a little overwhelmed with the completely human, yet shockingly faithful character of the human king... Continue Reading →

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