(Even More) Ideas Have Consequences

Some of us may be old enough to remember when Bill Clinton was christened our “first postmodern president.” It wasn’t a compliment. President Clinton often had a touch-and-go relationship with the truth, and when caught in a lie, was willing to squeeze his way out of a pinch by stretching all credulity. I guess that is a kind way of describing what he often did with the truth.

The reason this gave him the label of “postmodern”, is that postmodernism teaches moral subjectivism. There is no such thing as objective truth and the best any of us can do is to be “true to ourselves”, to learn that our feelings and desires are as true as anyone else’s. This is a very attractive philosophy. It unhooks its believers from moral and intellectual accountability. From now on, the postmodernist only needs to be their authentic self, and there is nobody who has the moral or rational authority to judge them. Now, to be fair, these conclusions were often clouded in a lot of fluff, thus a lot of Christians fell for it, and certainly a lot of people believed in it without understanding its consequences.

But a little bit of time with the theory and its proponents quickly taught the student that these seemingly crass conclusions are true. The most influential American-born postmodernist in philosophical circles, Richard Rorty, infamously wrote, “Truth is what my colleagues let me get away with.” A little further down the rabbit hole, and deeper into the continental postmodernists, brings the reader into direct contact with nihilism, sexual libertinism (including open pedophilia), and intellectual degradation of every form.

What was once the hot topic, postmodernism, has sunk into the cultural basement, and now acts like the foundation for the home being built by Critical Theory and all of its ideological cousins. Due in large part to the foundation laid by subjectivism and the distrust of all accepted, Western authority laid in the last several decades, neo-Marxism is bearing fruit.

One of those fruits follows a simple, but often rejected, logical entailment: When objective truth is gone, everything becomes possible. This need not be a judgement of any specific belief. It is simply a statement of truth. Objective reality provides all the levies that keep the flood of really bad ideas at bay. When you remove the levies, you get flooded. Any one individual may think they have the argument that allows for only one wave of bad ideas, but they have opened the gate to all of them.

Two examples are in order. The first is one of those things most people thought was always off the table. But, given subjectivism and the disdain postmoderns have for Christian morality, bestiality can be normal for some people.

The line of reasoning is as clear as it could possibly be: bestiality is a taboo, taboos are relative to culture, therefore the morality of bestiality is relative to culture. It is clear, relativistic reasoning, and it is like an idea-virus. It can be, and has been, applied to absolutely everything everywhere. No moral law is immune to this reasoning, and the “enlightened” know it. The problem is that it is false, and the best way of dealing with an idea-virus is not to treat the symptoms, but to go straight to the cause of the disease – the rejection of objective morality.

The second example comes from a “Christian” who comments on Matt Walsh’s documentary, What Is A Woman. If his critique sounds ridiculous to you, that is because it is. The problem, however, is he and many others in his Facebook feed were sure it was a wise and informed knock-down of the documentary.

The whole “think in shades of gray” line is an intellectual cop-out. It distances this person from the question, which has an objective answer rooted in biological reality. This “Christian” is unable to realize how vapid the deniers of reality are in the documentary, and he is unclear as to whether there is an answer. It does not make anyone smarter to react to a simple question with, “Well, there are a lot of ways to think about this.” It is often gobbelty-gook for “I refuse to answer.”

Christians need to do better than this. If you watch the documentary, you should come away with the sense that no sane person should side with the “experts” who were unable to answer and who were offended at the very word, “truth.” If a Christian cannot see this, they should reevaluate their relationship to Scripture and reason.

A couple of thoughts.

Fidelity to reality now requires courage. It is easy to slip like slime out of the structures of objective reality right now, but that just makes a person a moral coward. Way too many Christians, and people who were on speaking terms with the truth just two years ago, have simply given up the game.

Fidelity to reality now requires courage.

It does not make you smart to ask questions and refuse to answer. This is the skeptic’s rouse and the relativist’s language game. For some reason, people who are adept at formulating smart-sounding questions come off as wise. They are not. They, more often than not, are sophists.

Know now that everything is on the table. By its very nature, the neo-Marxism and CT/CRT in our culture right now is designed to pull everything down. These ideologies are not aimed as fixing problems around the edges or constructing new civilizations. They are aimed straight at dismantling the heart of the moral law hard baked into reality by its Creator.

Don’t live by lies. Just do not give liars and manipulators access to your soul. Just don’t do it.

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