The Peaceable Kingdom

One of the purposes of a broken world is to remind us that we were made for a different world. And not just different, but one ruled over by the King of Kings in eternal justice, righteousness and peace. As we live in this world and work for the kingdom of God while we are here, the pain and brokenness we experience should turn our eyes to Christ. He alone is our hope.

These words come from the pastor, Samuel Davies, and were preached at the outbreak of the French and Indian War. Let them help us see what we need to see.

“Now our country is invaded and ravaged, and bleeds in a thousand veins. We have already, so early in the year, received alarm upon alarm: and we may expect the alarms to grow louder and louder as the season advances.

These commotions and perturbations have had one good effect upon me, and that is, they have carried away my thoughts of late into a serene and peaceful region, a region beyond the reach of confusion and violence; I mean the kingdom of the Prince of Peace. And thither, my brethren, I would also transport your minds this day, as the best refuge from this boisterous world, and the most agreeable mansion for the lovers of peace and tranquillity.”

Samuel Davies, 1756

Ellis Sandoz, Political Sermons of the American Founding Era: 1730-1805, 2 vols, Foreword by Ellis Sandoz (2nd ed. Indianapolis: Liberty Fund, 1998). Vol. 1. 5/14/2020.

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