Storming the Capitol

There is still hope in Christ, and in the Christian church as it faithfully follows Christ. It is true that Christianity is about the love and grace of Christ, but it is too often overlooked by many that Christianity is a faith of knowledge, truth, and reason.

Protests are, more often than not, an expression of emotion, not argument or reason. Peaceful protests can achieve good ends, but only when followed up by individuals who can enter the public square and present compelling ideas. Riots and violence are never a part of the Christian’s toolbox, at least if they want to faithfully follow Jesus Christ.

The riots of 2020, led by BLM and Antifa were bloodthirsty ways for evil people to terrorize, burn down instead of build, and assault and kill. If you are a Christian and easily looked the other way or defended them as “mostly peaceful protests,” shame on you. You did not represent Christ well.

So it is with the storming of the Capitol today. It is vapid violence, and it deserves to be ended as swiftly and with as much appropriate force as necessary. While there are accusations that Christians were a part of the violence, we simply do not know that yet. But Christians cannot look the other way or justify it.

As hard as it is right now to speak in reason and wisdom, the Christian is devoted to respecting their neighbor by being people of objective truth, clear moral conviction, and listening ears. Christians are on fire for God, and that includes their minds. We cannot cede to despair, hate, or violence. We pray. We think. We reason. We argue and implore.

Pray for our nation. But I would say with even more conviction, pray for the church. The church needs the courage and clarity of its doctrine and its Christ-honoring behavior. The church needs faithful, bold, and wise leaders right now, not more lemmings or angry politicians leading the church away from Christ (in any political direction). If our neighbors and nation are to see the gospel of Christ, their only chance is to see it in the church.

Christians are on fire for God, and that includes their minds.

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