Atheists Don’t Gather

The world is currently caught up in the Corona COVID-19 virus pandemic. The consequences of both the virus and the mitigation attempts are enormous, certainly much more far-reaching than we can now imagine. One of the characteristics of daily life right now is the constant, even unexpected, adjusting to a temporary new normal. Just about... Continue Reading →

An Atheist Philosopher Dies

This strikes me as bone-crushingly sad. The Atlantic ran a short piece and posted a short documentary on the death of philosopher, Herbert Fingarette. The article opens with what can be considered the bottom line: In his 1996 book about death, Herbert Fingarette argued that fearing one’s own demise was irrational. When you die, he... Continue Reading →

The Pope Is An Agnostic

Sally Quinn is an enigmatic figure. She was a religion column writer for many years at the Washington Post, is a Washington D.C. socialite, and most recently the author of, Finding Magic: A Spiritual Memoir, a book in which she reveals several things about herself including casting hexes on at least three people who died... Continue Reading →

North Eastern Atheism

Gallup recently updated a regular poll they do on how religious each state in America is. Their most recent ranking places Vermont as the least religious, unseating New Hampshire from its recent place atop those rankings. Combining this poll and other larger surveys showing the secularization of America in general and the North East specifically,... Continue Reading →

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