God’s Grace Secures Our Final Hope. Titus 2:11-13

When we think about God’s grace, we should take in the entire spectrum of what Scripture has to say. Grace is unmerited favor. This is the aspect of grace in which God is good to sinners, giving them the gift of salvation when they least deserve it and most need it. Grace trains us in godliness. Scripture says we can “grow in grace.” This means it is more than a one-time gift. It is a power at work within us transforming us more and more into the likeness of Christ. Grace is ongoing. Grace is an act of God that we want more of the more we mature.

And grace keeps us until that day when Jesus, our Savior, will appear. Paul writes to Titus telling us about this tri-fold act of grace. “For the grace of God has appeared,” he says, “bringing salvation” and “training us.” And as God’s people, we are waiting for “our blessed hope” at the appearing of Jesus Christ.

What a comforting truth: God gives us the gift that keeps us safe in him until he appears and brings his eternal kingdom with him. He is the perfect lover of our souls who woos us, carries us along the journey, and never leaves us. He is with us until we are completely his. He safely brings us through the trials of this life and will be the one who wipes every tear away from our eyes. Then, without fear or pain, we will see him clearly in all of his glory.

This is the gift of God. None of us have the wisdom or power to accomplish this. God does, so God gives it to his children. We seek paradise because we are creatures made for Eden, but who have lost it in our sin. God, our Creator, recreates perfection, pays for it with the blood of our Savior, and makes it available to everyone who believes.

Have you thanked God for this grace today? Have you reflected on the blessed hope he has secured for you, a sinner saved by grace?

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