Some Thoughts on Watching Daytime TV

Stop it.

I guess that is the sum of my thoughts on the matter and the bottom line to my advice.

Let me explain why I was watching daytime TV in the first place. When the dentist tilts you back, just past 90 degrees, there is usually a TV hanging on the ceiling to distract you from what comes next. When that last happened to me, it was already set to a morning “news” show. The tech asked if I wanted it off or on. I wanted it on. I never watch this kind of programming, so I decided it would be a little like a trip to the zoo. You know, to see what exotic animals do in their semi-native environment.

After a few minutes I decided I know why so many people are scared to death to walk outside their homes, be near someone whose mask has slipped down their nose, and are so angry at people they don’t know, but whom they assume are different and thus morally evil.

The reason? Daytime TV, and media like it, fill their minds. And it is hypocritical hate-and-fear-filled rot.

Daytime TV, and media like it, fill our minds. And it is hypocritical hate-and-fear-filled rot.

Filling your mind is a major part in your character development over time. Think of your mind like a warehouse that collects everything it sees and hears. The storerooms keep filling up with images and ideas, and when the time comes for you to produce something from your own heart or mouth, you reach into the warehouse and you will only be able to give out what you have taken in. You can only ship out what you ship in. And far too many people are shipping in the divisive fear mongering that so much of our “coastal elite” media is dishing out. One hour in the dentist’s chair, and everything I saw was designed to manipulate certain behaviors and stoke fear. It certainly was not designed to inform or even entertain.

You and I will be better off if people simply quit paying attention to the divisive rhetoric that a relatively few people (those in positions of media and political influence) dish out, and chose to pay more attention to their family and friends, their schools and local sports leagues, to their churches and their small groups. Shopping local is almost always a good idea, and so is “living local”. Turn of the national media and social media and pay more attention to the people who are literally near you. You will find that there will be a shift in how you perceive them and the rest of the world.

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