Letter to the Editor: Tying the Electoral College to the National Popular Vote

This bill, the “National Popular Vote” bill, is a nation-wide push to invalidate an individual state’s electoral college vote, and tie them to the results of the national popular vote. It is a move away from part of what makes us a Republic to a raw Democracy. It is also the result of frustration over losing the electoral college while winning the popular vote. I don’t think the bill has good reasons behind it, so I wrote a brief letter to the Gazette.


To the Editor,


If there is a quicker way to make Colorado the state version of the appendix in a Presidential election, I cannot think of one quicker than the “National Popular Vote” bill recently passed by the Colorado Senate (SB19-042).


Tying my vote to the national vote not only dilutes the weight of my vote but makes it utterly meaningless. According to the most recent data, there are 5.6 million people in Colorado, and there are 5.7 million registered Democrats in the state of New York alone. This means that if every person (eligible or not), votes in Colorado, that result is null and void with just part of the registered vote in one other state.


If this bill passes, there is literally no reason to vote for a Presidential candidate in Colorado.


This bill is not the result of considering what is best for the voter in Colorado. It is the result of spite and frustration over a couple of recent elections. Making the Electoral College meaningless simply means that smaller states also become meaningless. This bill is the electoral equivalent of voluntary self-censorship.

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